Since COP25, Chile has declared its interest in assuming leadership on environmental issues. From this perspective, Chile has established a set of pending matters that must be solved immediately.

One of the main challenges is moving from the industry of the 20th century to the 21st century. The new industry must become sustainable as it is a demand of the consumers and communities of the present times.

Consequently, 21st-century investors are not interested in financing projects without a triple impact. Our world is centered on SUSTAINABILITY. It is the world of well-being, nature, people, communities and companies. This is the TRIPLE IMPACT, which converges economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Our proposal for projects and developments that we are generating for the Coquimbo Region in the Southern Mediterranean Forum is fully at the center of the 21st century industry.

Therefore, all the projects that we wish to support in the Coquimbo Region are triple impact investment projects, and all the technological solutions aim to allow the transition of regional and national industries to sustainable industries, hoping to become a South American benchmark on this matter.


The Coquimbo Region houses an invaluable natural and cultural heritage for the planet.

We have the largest number of microclimates within the only Mediterranean biome in South America, where flora and fauna of exceptional transversal valleys and maritime ecosystems coexist.

In addition, we have the cleanest skies in the world, ideal for ecological experiences and astro tourism, in a world that increasingly appreciates wellness.

We are the territory with the highest level of exports of Mediterranean foods from cold biome, in counter-season, which allows us to supply the world with highly differentiated Mediterranean diet foods, so desired today.

We want not only to face the pressing challenges of climate change, but we also hope to add value to our products and services.

For this reason, we have opened a window through the Southern Mediterranean Forum to promote our industries, through the promotion of entrepreneurship, innovation and impact investment, under the principles of the Circular Economy.